BBI is an early-stage drug development company focused on inventing new products that can improve the lives of patients living in chronic pain or struggling with pain inducing medical conditions.

product highlights

Optimizing Affinity and Selectivity

To begin, BBI's products are based on naturally occurring structures and as a result have unusually high affinity and selectivity, even prior to chemistry enhancement.


Carbosyn enhancement is used to improve the pharmaceutical features of our compounds.  These include improving potency and expanding the routes of administration which together create advantaged products.

Reducing Unwanted Side Effects

Management of pain is difficult and currently available products further complicate patients lives through treatment related side effects.  BBI products are designed to provide medical relief whilst minimizing the drug related impairment.




BBI develops novel drugs that have unique selectivity and potency for proteins called G-protein coupled receptor or “GPCRs”; a group of targets that have been associated with the majority of effective medicines.   The company’s technology platform “Carbosyn” uses biocompatible chemical scaffolds to produce drugs with unique advantages in controlling GPCR-mediated physiological processes.   Based solely on naturally occurring components, these drugs also appear to have advantaged toxicity profiles. 

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Addressing tremendous unmet need

Chronic Pain is the leading cause of disability in the developed world, with more than 270 million sufferers worldwide and is more widespread than heart disease, cancer and diabetes combined.   The resulting market for pain drugs is large, with no sign of slowing growth. Narcotics and non-narcotic analgesics sold over $10 B worldwide in 2010 not including the products sold to support neuropathic pain.   The most potent drugs are constrained by dose limiting side effects that include constipation, sedation, confusion, respiratory depression, mental clouding, renal colic, tolerance to prolonged use and risk of abuse, misuse, addiction.   When using these drugs >50% of patients report inadequate pain relief.   BBI's products strive to address this challenge.

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